Social Circles

I think the time has come to publicly admit that I need some new friends.

It’s getting kind of pathetic, actually.

I mean, when the people you hang out with the most are the characters that you watch on TV, you know it’s time to get out more.

It is fun to talk Dinosaurs with Ross, discuss fashion with Rachel, sing with Phoebe, and  hang out with the gang at Central Perk.

It is fun to hang out in Paradise and dance with a bunch of bunheads.

It is fun to talk books with Rory and Jess, shop with Lorelai,  and bake with Sookie.

It is fun to make fun of the snooty neighbors with Tessa.

It is fun to study with Alex, do magic with Luke and Phil, and redecorate with Mitchell and Cam.

It is fun to cook and clean for Downton Abbey.

But, as fun as all these things are, it just makes me mad when all my friends don’t answer me in my conversations with them. Hello, so-called friends! I pay so much attention to everything you say–why can’t you just answer the one question I asked you?!  Rude. Just rude.

To all my TV friends, it’s been great, but I think it’s time to start cutting back on our time together. I just need some friends who are a little more involved in my life, if you know what I mean.


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