superbowl sunday

My family has never followed the Super Bowl.  Unless it’s a BYU game, we’re not football fans around here. (And even when BYU is playing, we’re kind of hit and miss.)

But, with the Super Bowl practically being a national holiday, we decided we ought to do something to celebrate it.

But, we’re not going to watch it.

I mean, why would we: the commercials are all already on YouTube and we don’t even like football.

In the past, we’ve watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. If you ever need to see adorable puppies frolicking with each other–look no further. But this year, we’re skipping out on that.

Earlier this week, we decided we still wanted to eat Super Bowl party foods minus the Super Bowl part, so that’s what’s going down.

Plus, there’s a punny twist. (Did you expect anything less?)

It’s yet to be determined, but we’re either going to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or Meet the Robinsons.  You know, because Cloudy has giant bowls of food in it, and Robinsons has super bad guy Bowler hat man.

We’re funny.

And, then to top it all off, we’re going to eat giant bowls of cereal.

It’s going to be a party!


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