The Nosebleed Chronicles: In the Beginning

I’ve decided to start a new series (or, in my case–just a series, since I’ve never had a series before) on my blog. I call it “The Nosebleed Chronicles”.  If you don’t do well with blood-related stories, you might want to avoid this series.  Just a heads up.

Okay? Here we go!

When I was in the fourth grade, my family moved to Highland. No big deal. Moving at 10 really isn’t terribly terrible.  Except for a few things. One of those things just happened to be a really annoying boy.

One day, I was sitting in some class and we were having reading time. (But, for some reason, I think it was computer class or science class, so I’m a tad confused about why we were having reading time.) Well, I sat at the SAME TABLE as the really annoying boy. He bugged me so bad. So so so so bad.  We were supposed to be reading. And he kept whispering dumb things to me. If you know me, you know that I value my reading time.  A lot.

So, back to the point.  He kept talking to me. And I didn’t want him to. Firstly, because he talking and I wanted to be reading. And second of all, hello–if I whispered back to him I would not be following the rules. Another thing I feel very strongly about.

I tried to shush him a couple of times.  No luck. (Looking back, this is all very know-it-all-y of me.)  I tried ignoring him. Still no luck. Finally, as a last resort, I threatened that I’d punch him (in the arm, of course) if he didn’t stop. And he pushed that button too. So, I had to show him I was a 10-year-old of my word. I hit him–not very hard–I mean, seriously, I was a shrimpy kid.

Well, he retaliated. He hit me back with his paperback book.

Right smack dab in the nose.  (Where was the teacher during all of this violence?)

And guess what?  My nose started to bleed. Nothing really bad, just a little guy.  That was my first nosebleed.  Unfortunately, it would not be my last.


6 thoughts on “The Nosebleed Chronicles: In the Beginning

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