The Nosebleed Chronicles: The High School Years

I’ve decided to start a new series (or, in my case–just a series, since I’ve never had a series before) on my blog. I call it “The Nosebleed Chronicles”.  If you don’t do well with blood-related stories, you might want to avoid this series.  Just a heads up. You can read parts one and two here and here.

As if High School wasn’t an awkward enough time of life, I had to be the girl with the nosebleeds.  I tried to keep them under wraps, but a sudden spurt of blood  during any given class isn’t really conducive to secret keeping.

Days before I started high school, I went to visit an ENT, hoping that he could shed some light on what the heck my nose was doing.  After some very up close and personal examination (as doctors are prone to do), he concluded that the blood vessel in my nose was extremely close to the surface. (Nasty, right?)

But, he did have a solution: cauterization.

Since cocaine isn’t a legal anesthetic in Utah, my doctor used silver nitrate to numb the area, then basically burned the vessel so that I wouldn’t have nosebleeds anymore.  (In case you weren’t sure, this obviously wasn’t effective. How could I write the chronicles if it was so easily resolved?)

He did give me this word of caution: “If your nose starts to run, wipe it immediately, or you’ll have a gray mark where your nose runs.” (Sorry for the disgusting details–but I did warn you. And this is important to the story.)

Fun fact: The next day was school picture day. I was very very very concerned.

My doctor thought this was all very funny. I did not appreciate that. (Why does life seem so dramatic when you’re 15?)

Because of this advice, I was ultra-vigilant in my nose-wiping.  I probably had some serious need for Puffs with Lotion by the time that first week of cauterization had passed because of how frequently I wiped.

And all for nothing–my school picture turned out fine (well, as fine as an awkward 15-year-old’s can…)

But, my cauterization was unsuccessful.  The nosebleeds continued to plague me.

Before the end of my sophomore year I’d have my nose cauterized again. (Still, unsuccessfully.)





3 thoughts on “The Nosebleed Chronicles: The High School Years

  1. Have you read Dead End in Norvelt? It won the Newberry a few years ago. It has some great nose bleed scenes!

  2. Liz you are such a good writer! I love reading your blog!! Hope you are doing great!….Andrew gets lots of nose bleeds and I never knew what to do for him…maybe I’ll see if cauterization would help tee hee 🙂

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