Tidbits of Oddness

True story: The only part of the news I read/watch/listen to is the weird stuff.  A few weeks back there was the story of the man who wasted his entire life savings at a carnival (darn those carnies!) trying to win a Kinect for his kids. What did he win instead? A giant stuffed Jamaican banana.

This week, this is my favorite story (so far, of course)

A German woman called the police because she couldn’t sleep due to the fact that her doorbell was ringing all night long, but there was never anyone there.

When police arrived, they found that an ant colony had built such a big nest near the doorbell that it was causing the doorbell to ring.

My main question here is this: Why is this news, people?  It sounds like the beginning of a bad urban legend. Only it’s not, it’s news. All I say is WHAT THE HECK?


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