You guys. Sometimes I spend a lot of time on the internet. Granted, all my schoolwork is via the internet, but that doesn’t take up very much time.

I mean, there are 24 hours in a day. I go to work 8 hours of the day. I sleep 8 hours of the day.  THERE ARE ONLY 8 OTHER HOURS FOR ME TO USE!!! What better thing to use them on than the internet? Nothing. Nothing is better than the internet–and we all should stop what we’re doing right now and write Jimmy Fallon-esque thank you notes to Al Gore for inventing it.  Yes.

Okay. Well, it’s Friday. Friday=Fun-day=sometimes no plans day=sometimes not the most productive day at work. (Was that chain of math hard to follow? I’m not sure it’s even real. Oh well, this is what happens when the internet lets me have my own blog. WHERE I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I WANT TO!!! Did I mention that the internet is a Christmas miracle?)

Okay, so back to the point. The internet is amazing. Fridays are amazing. So, let’s combine the two for a small explosion of awesome.

Things that can cause you to successfully implement the internet more:

1. This music video parody.

I don’t know if you guys hate the song “Rude” as much as I do. But, this parody is fantastic! I mean, he says he’s going to bury him in the lake.  I just love it.  Also, I love that the woman dances and harmonizes with her laundry basket.  (She doesn’t harmonize with the laundry basket. That’d be weird.)

2.  Kid Snippets.

I’m probably the last human in the universe to see these. But, if that isn’t actually the case you NEED to go check these out. The Josh Groban one is pretty darn funny.  If you did or didn’t love kid history, this is for you. (Confession. I didn’t love kid history. These are funnier.)

3.  Something educational:

Word Crimes by Weird Al.

EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN GRAMMAR AND USAGE FROM MUSIC VIDEOS. It’s like schoolhouse rock, but more…modern.  And funny. And I love it.

4.  This blog.

I don’t know if you have heard of It Just Gets Stranger–but it’s something else I love.  If nothing else, read the snuggie texts. Please, please, please, read the snuggie texts. Also, Eli has wonderful hair, so if hilarity isn’t your thing his hair might be.

So, happy weekend to all, and to all a good night!



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