Baptism by Fire

You guys.  I moved.


Yes, this is two moves in less than 3 months.  Yes, I do actually hate change. But, I promise this move was for the best.  I mean,  I think we all know this song

Okay, but, here’s the thing.  I’m living in this adorable townhouse. I love it! I can WALK less than 2 minutes to be at the trax station. I have roommates. And a robin egg blue room. And, did I mention I love it? 

2014-09-01 12.34.09

So, as much I absolutely love it, something weird had to happen, yes?  (This is my life we’re talking about.) 

Well, here’s that thing.

Our first day living here (August 17), I was sitting on the most comfortable couch in the whole wide world that just so happens to be in our living room.  I was minding my own business, reading a book while my roommate was getting ready for church.  All of a sudden, I hear a CRACK!

You guys. I thought someone was apparating into my living room.

Then I remembered that isn’t 100% likely and started rethinking what it could have been.

My first thought was that we had flipped a breaker.  My roommate had been drying her hair, so I started walking up to check on her. 

As I walked toward the staircase, I saw this:

shattered window

The door to our little deck/balcony thing had completely shattered.   Fortunately, both panes were still intact, but we weren’t sure how fragile they were. 

We called the landlord.

No answer. 

We left it and went to church, hoping for only the best.

We basically didn’t go near that door unless we absolutely had to because we just didn’t want it to break any more. 

Finally, after a bit of phone tag, we got a hold of the landlord and they said they’d take care of it. 

It took a week for them to get fixed, and in the mean time, nothing weird happened, so that is pretty darn great. 

The perks of renting, right? 


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