Adventures in Public Transit: Take 2

So. Since I moved (again) I’ve been taking trax to work.   I love trax.

Sometimes there are some awesome people you get to meet. Or see. Or overhear.  It happens.

Just this last week, I was riding an especially crowded train.  I was standing and there were people standing super close to me. I hate it when people are standing too close to me.   But, that’s not the point. The point is that this was a prime people watching opportunity.

So, there were these 2 guys. Standing super close to me.  They started talking pretty loud. And, based on how well they weren’t standing on the train, they might have been kind of high.  Hard to say, but that’s my guess.

Well, guy #1 turns to guy #2.

Guy #1: Sooooouh, Starla texted me again.

Guy #2:  Serious?

Guy #1: Yeah. Why does she always use question marks? I hate it when she uses questions marks. It doesn’t even make sense.

Guy #2: What’d she say?

Guy #1:  When am I going to see you?

Guy #2: Uggghh.

Guy #1: I know, right? She always uses questions marks! I hate that.

Guy #2.  It’s the worst. I don’t get why she does that. It’s weird.

Then I got off the train.


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