Goat thermometer

Last night I had a dream that my family and friends and coworkers joined some cult where we participated in role playing games. There aren’t many specifics from this dream that I remember, which is kind of unusual for me.  What I do remember is that Sutton Foster kept trying to make me eat bread with ketchup.

Everyone was wearing headpieces.  Mine was a floral arrangement/blindfold combo.

There was a giant bald eagle that was going to swoop down and kill us all.

But, the highlight for me was that one of the tasks that was forced upon me in this role playing cult was taking a shower with a goat.  The goat would attack me if the water was too hot or too cold, and BY NO MEANS WAS I TO LET THE GOAT OUT OF THE GLASS SHOWER BOX.

I got attacked many times by that goat while I tried to make the water the right temperature. And it bleated and bleated and bleated (Do goats actually bleat?)

And then the giant bald eagle came and landed on our feast table, and spilled all of our ketchup coated bread..

And then we were all eaten by a black bear.

I’m a weirdo.


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