Dinosaurs, Dragons, Denver, and Yard Sards: An adventure story

You guys.

I never go on vacation. I just don’t. But last week I did.  And it was magical. I might be sold on the idea of using my vacation time at work for things that are actual vacations. It’s shocking, I know.

So, I went and stayed with my new friends the Krumholz family. They’re pretty darn cool–and their house is also. It’s 103 years old! Lyssa and Katie and Thomas were so nice to take me on a drive-around tour of the giant art of Denver which included things like the Blue Bear, the dustpan, the horse on the chair, and the naked dancers.  They also introduced me to the concept of the Yard Sard.

Which, if you haven’t figured out is this:

 yard sard

Katie found yard sards the most hilarious of anyone, and I think we can safely say that this applies to her life:

yard sard meme

I don’t know why yard sard is sooooo funny, but I giggle every single time I see a yard sale sign now.

While I was with the Krumholz family, they took me to really cool museum.  You want proof that it was cool: UNICORNS AND DRAGONS.

yourphoto (1)

yourphoto (2)

After hanging out with them for a couple of days, they decided to leave me behind and go to Utah.  But, instead of leaving me high and dry, the  left me with my best friend Kelsey and her cute baby Ava.

Side note: As all babies do, Ava loves me. But she loves me more than most babies do and more than she loves all the other people. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.  🙂

We hung out in real life for all the days. We went to the grocery store and to a park and to a train museum.  THERE WERE SO MANY TRAINS AND YOU GUYS I’M A FOUR-YEAR-OLD BOY AND I WAS IN HEAVEN WITH ALL THE TRAINS.  There were trains that you could go inside and trains that you could just look at and trains that you could read about and a giant model train in the basement.  SO GIANT.

And then Kelsey and I ate buffalo meat.  That stuff is good.  And then we hung out some more.  We talked about all the things and played with her adorable baby.


See how cute they are?

Then I flew home and there may have been some tears because going back to real life is hard and leaving your best friend in Denver is even harder.  When I got home, I was supposed to take the Green Line of trax back to my house. BUT YOU GUYS. As my luck would have it, there was police and caution tape everywhere. And signs up saying there was an exercise underway.

Turns out, there was a terrorist attack drill–and they only had one of the three entrances to the station open.  And it took me 20 minutes to find the opening.  But then all was normal and well and I made it home safely.

But, I really did love the whole thing and I want to go on vacation again right now.


4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, Dragons, Denver, and Yard Sards: An adventure story

  1. Oh sweet Liz! It was wonderful having you in Denver. Thanks for cracking up at our yard sard jokes. And for being one of the loveliest guests we’ve ever hosted. Please come back. There is so much more to do.

    • I totally forgot to mention the lovely mini-park (that’s actually a smoking lot) that you showed me! Sad day. Next time we can definitely do more! I’m looking forward to it already!!

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