Kiss the girl

Hello friends. It’s been a while. I know.  But, part of that was because I couldn’t remember the password. And part of that was because I have just been busy with my whole life.  There’s a lot that’s happened. I finished my e-portfolio for grad school, I have been working full time, I got a cold, just a whole bunch of things.

But, this is a funny story that the internet needs to know. Because awesome and awkward and just plain Liz.

One time this boy {said boy is another story for another day} who I’d been spending lots of time with asked if he could kiss me.  And I freaked out.

For those of you who know me well, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Physical touch isn’t my favorite thing in the universe. In fact, I get real awkward about it real quick.  Hugging: terrible.  Random girl deciding to play with my hair during church: completely unacceptable.  Cuddling, close sitting, kissing: Bad news bears.  (Please note, that I am doing drastically better with all of these things than I was a month ago. But knowing how uncomfortable they made me is important.)

Back to the point, though.  So, I had freaked out.  And by freaked out I mean I said yes, but then covered my face with my hands. Not quite conducive body language for kissing.  Poor boy.

So, after what seemed like one thousand minutes but was probably only not even a minute, the boy who shall not be named talked me out of hiding and kissed me.

YOU GUYS.  THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL BUT IT ACTUALLY TOTALLY IS.  See, here’s the thing. I’m 25 years old.  And until roughly a month ago was un-kissed. (Which, for the record, you should NOT tell people on the TINDER. They will want to come down or up from whatever shady college town they are living in and have the honor of kissing you. This is not okay and also slightly creepy. But not as creepy as offering to go bathing suit shopping as part of the 12 hour date that a boy had planned. But, irrelevant.)

Also, this detail is important: MY 2015 goal was to kiss a boy on the face.

So, after said unnamed boy had kissed me, he reminded me that we had just accomplished my goal for 2015. I got this big old grin on my face. Because we did!

And so, what did I do?  I gave him a high-five. I felt like one of those totally oblivious girls in chick flicks who have no idea how to even be alive.  A  BOY JUST KISSED YOU SO YOU GAVE HIM A HIGH FIVE??? SERIOUSLY LIZ?  SERIOUSLY?

A natural response to just having been kissed, right?

If you actually said, yes, you probably should rethink that. The high five wasn’t the worst thing I could have done. BUT, the right thing would have been to kiss him again.  But I didn’t. He got the high five. The universal sign for “good game” or “nice job”.  And then we jumped in circles for a baby bit and kissed again and that’s the story of my first kiss ever in the whole entire universe.

P.S. I was mortified about the high five at first, but now I just decided to own it because it’s a pretty good first kiss story.


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