This Week in Public Transit…

I haven’t been as good at riding the Trax to work this year. Adding crossing the street to my daily commute has made it infinitely harder, or so it seems.  This week though, I rode the train nearly every day! And, oh boy, did I meet some weirdies.

On Wednesday morning, I sat down, and much to my chagrin, the man across from me felt the need to talk my ear off.  First off, he smelled like he’d been smoking some of the marijuana (a smell I have come very familiar with in 2016 due to the fact that smoking marijuana is a common occurrence in my apartment complex). Second of all, he mumbled, so he was hard to understand/hear.

It started out innocently enough–he complimented my personality-filled glasses, following up with a standard enough question: Where did you get them?

When I responded that I bought them online, I got an earful about how you can’t buy things that match the things you like online. Like you can’t buy baseball things online if you like baseball, or colorful things if you like colorful. Because the internet is ruining our lives. (At this point I was slightly confused because I bought my glasses online and I love them…so where this rant came from I’m not sure. Probably the marijuana.)

Then he started to tell me about how technology is ruining our interpersonal skills.  Because all he wanted for Christmas from his girlfriend was a handwritten love letter. And she really disappointed him because she didn’t write one. She bought him a gift.

Which somehow lead to him telling me about why he believes in Jesus and asking me if I do too (which, the answer is yes, in case you were wondering). And then leaping into how much he loves the constitution and how he dropped out of school in 8th grade and then began studying the constitution. “I literally tore it apart,” were his words–which I definitely hope weren’t true. It seems silly to rip up something if you want to study it.

Then he told me all about how he is on the Do Not Fly list either because he refused “the naked body scanner” at the airport OR because he has an uncle that lives in Israel that he calls a few times a year.  THE MOST CONCERNING PART OF THIS PORTION WAS THAT HE THEN INFORMED ME THAT HE ISN’T A TERRORIST.  I just feel like if someone tells you that, then they automatically become creepy.  I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is.

I was very grateful when he got off the train. Because weirdy.

But I didn’t die or get proposed to and I call that a win.


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