Brain dump

It’s been a while. I mean, we had Yanny and Laurel and crazy weather and a volcano in Hawaii but the best part of my week was when CNN showed a special on rescue animals becoming first responders. (Let’s be real, I was real sick of Stormy Daniels. What kind of name is that anyway?  […]


Tonight my mom cleaned out under her bed. She found a pair of boys size 5 underwear. With bicycles on them. From when my brothers were 4 or 5 years old. … My youngest brother will turn 22 this year.  It’s been a while since he would even come close to fitting into those undies. […]

A plea from me to the whole wide world

Over the past few weeks, months, years–MY WHOLE LIFE, you could say–I’ve been thinking a lot about the effect that kindness and respect has on people.  I’m mostly just tired of bashing, hating, being mean, having double-standards, and treating people like they are less than you. I grew up with a younger sister who had […]

I’m baaaaaack

It’s been a while. And I’ve kind of missed being in the world of blogging. I have a lot to say about that cute boy you last heard about me kissing. I probably have some embarrassing stories to tell. I might even be able to teach you about the wildlife of South Salt Lake–which it […]

Kiss the girl

Hello friends. It’s been a while. I know.  But, part of that was because I couldn’t remember the password. And part of that was because I have just been busy with my whole life.  There’s a lot that’s happened. I finished my e-portfolio for grad school, I have been working full time, I got a […]